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Structure of the Global Markets for Meat

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By John H. Dyck and Kenneth E. Nelson

Agriculture Information Bulletin No. (AIB785) 37 pp, September 2003

Meat trade flows among countries and world regions are determined largely by differences among countries in their resource base, their preferences for meat types and cuts, the extent and character of barriers to trade, and the industry structure. Future growth of meat trade depends on further liberalization of protectionist barriers, eradication of animal diseases, economic development, and population growth. Trade growth is likely to feature greater complexity in trade patterns, with more countries engaging in trade, and with an increased tendency for individual countries to import and export meat cuts and offal from the same animal species.

Keywords: meat trade, competitiveness, trade policy, sanitary barriers, consumer preferences, industrial structure, ERS, USDA

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Updated date: September 1, 2003

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