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Processed Agricultural Exports Led Gains in U.S. Agricultural Exports Between 1976 and 2002

By Carol L. Whitton

Outlook Report No. (FAU8501) 12 pp, February 2004

U.S. agricultural exports rose to $53 billion in calendar year 2002, an increase of $30 billion in nominal dollars since 1976. In real terms, the average rate of export growth was 1.7 percent per year. U.S. export gains occurred mainly in high-value products (HVPs); bulk exports rose slightly, but suffered a significant loss of market share. Of the total HVP exports, processed HVPs (meats and grain products) accounted for the most growth; semiprocessed HVPs (feeds, hides, and oilseed products) were relatively stable; and raw HVPs (fruits, vegetables, and live animals) expanded slightly. Asia and the Americas surpassed Europe as the largest U.S. agricultural markets.

Keywords: U.S. exports, value, by commodity group, by country, FATUS, Foreign Agricultural Trade of the United States, calendar years, ERS, USDA

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Updated date: February 2004

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