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Size and Distribution of Market Benefits From Adopting Biotech Crops

By Gregory K. Price, William Lin, JosÚ B. Falck-Zepeda, and Jorge Fernandez-Cornejo

Technical Bulletin No. (TB-1906) 44 pp, November 2003

This study estimates the size and distribution of benefits from adopting Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) cotton, herbicide-tolerant cotton, and herbicide-tolerant soybeans in 1997. The stakeholders considered are U.S. farmers, U.S. consumers, biotechnology developers, germplasm suppliers, and producers and consumers in the rest of the world.

Keywords: Bt cotton, herbicide-tolerant cotton, herbicide-tolerant soybeans, agricultural biotechnology, market benefits, stakeholders, distribution of benefits, ERS, USDA

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Updated date: November 7, 2003

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