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Agricultural Outlook, FoodReview, and Rural America have all been replaced by Amber Waves. Agricultural Outlook ceased publication with the December 2002 issue.

AO tables - The statistical indicators formerly provided in Agricultural Outlook magazine will continue to be updated regularly.

All ERS outlook reports - Recent releases, special reports, links to the latest data, calendar of releases, and a brief overview of the outlook for U.S. agriculture.

You can access pdf versions of AO below. Text files (ascii) also are available (back to March 1995).

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December 2002—Farm economy yearend review, livestock pricing and industry structure, cattle on small farms, issues for next trade round, developing country markets, commodity policy, policy in EU and Japan, Christmas tree and poinsettia sales, globalization of soft drink industry, trade in high-value food, food safety in APEC countries

November 2002—Pulses and the Farm Act, rice supply and prices, cotton prices, sweet potatoes, European Union enlargement, Central and Eastern Europe, China's fruit and vegetable trade, precision agriculture, organic farming, poultry outlook, export share of U.S. production

October 2002—Organic foods, EU policy reform, Common Agricultural Policy, technology and agriculture, farm numbers and size, frozen potato trade, NAFTA impacts, U.S. agricultural exports, food prices, apple crop

September 2002—Cabbage production and consumption, “smart” farming, off-farm work, genetically engineered crop use, soybean market, China’s land tenure policies, EU trade with developing countries, sugar policy, pork production, tree nut demand

August 2002—Farm household income and wealth, wheat outlook, trade and the services sector, trade remedy laws, rural residential land, Sub-Saharan Africa trade, tobacco program, field crop acreage

June-July 2002—Field crop production and prices, South Korea's farm policy, WTO "non-trade" concerns, public lands and rural communities, grazing, rural America and the Internet, land degradation and food security, Cuba's citrus industry, meat production, macroeconomy

May 2002—Spring planting intentions, oats outlook, potato acreage, farm credit, interest rates, Argentina's economic crisis, farmland protection, NIS grain exports, China's trade prospects

April 2002—USDA Baseline projections, China's accession to the WTO, calculating WTO trade dispute damages, catfish trade and outlook, cotton and exchange rates, farm family savings, manure nutrient management

March 2002—Peanuts, Middle East/North Africa trade, food aid and food security, safety nets and trade liberalization, farm income and finance, farm policy, fresh snap beans

January/February 2002—WTO commitments, domestic agricultural support, plant breeding, U.S. economic outloook, farm economy, livestock in Eastern Europe, traceability, food marketing and safety, tobacco industry, sheep industry

December 2001—Bell peppers, cotton outlook, European Union preferential trading agreements, U.S. crop insurance, dairy market, citrus crop, grape production

November 2001—Rice market, APEC water supplies, program payments and farmland value, Internet use by farmers, E-commerce and farmers, organophosphate pesticides, Taiwan's WTO commitments

October 2001—U.S. and world economy, corn market, high-oil corn, U.S. ag exports, food prices, APEC Food System, financial crisis in Turkey, organic produce prices, cattle, apples

September 2001—Soybean market outlook, trade competition from Argentina and Brazil, economies of Argentina and Brazil, conservation programs, China grain policy, tax law, livestock price reporting, hog industry prospects, livestock drugs

August 2001—Metro-area farms and development, urban sprawl, field crop acreage, wheat outlook, sweet corn, animal diseases, Canadian dairy export subsidies, meat trade

June-July 2001—China's fruits and vegetables, cattle exports from Mexico, farm policy, farm payments, farm income and policy, Northern Great Plains, crop prices, stone fruits, field crop forecast, meat supply and prices

May 2001—Spring planting intentions, farm credit, interest rates, global food demand, agri-environmental payments, conservation programs, Canadian agriculture, Canadian transport subsidies

April 2001—Farm economy in 2001, agricultural policy in Japan, lettuce marketing, 21st Century Commission on Production Agriculture, smart growth, food prices, sheep industry

March 2001—Shipping and retailing, marketing fees, hog production, potato output and supply, agriculture in Europe, reform in Russia, conservation tillage

January-February 2001—WTO and ag policy reform, European Union enlargement, farm labor, cigarette consumption, U.S. economy, dairy industry, ag economy

December 2000—Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program, cucumbers, technology and food productivity in APEC, global cotton market, Mexico's food assistance programs, citrus and grape crops

November 2000—Celery, rice outlook, tariff-rate quotas, India trade policy, genetic resources, broilers, apples

October 2000—Farm program payments, rural economy, corn outlook, agricultural exports, food prices, Taiwan hog industry, hogs, tax policy, cattle

September 2000—Sugar policy, Mexican border transport, farmers and e-commerce, manure mangement, environmental regulation and hog production, durum wheat

August 2000—Wheat sector, global wheat stocks, food retail consolidation, field crop acreage, genetic engineering and pesticides, U.S. ag imports, U.S. meat trade

June-July 2000—Meatpacking industry consolidation, garlic demand, marketing organic foods, field crop supplies, field crop planting progress, farming and the rural economy, environmental payments to farmers, stone fruits

May 2000—Farm income, farm income policy, farm finances, interest rates, spring planting intentions, nitrogen runoff, water quality, fuel prices, beef production, dry beans

April 2000—Biotechnology crops, organic agriculture, farm-sector outlook, food prices, Free Trade Area of the Americas, regional trade, trade with developing countries

March 2000—China's potential WTO accession, railroad merger proposal, meat trade, hog production, history of farm policy, crop and revenue insurance, processing tomatoes

January-February 2000—Farm income and U.S. economy forecasts, farm safety net, China's water resources, trade and global financial crises, cigarette consumption, tree nuts

December 1999—Ag-sector performance in 1999, marketing loan benefits, feed manufacturing in China, dairy production and prices, global rice outlook, European Union expansion, crop insurance products, dairy production and prices, citrus crop

November 1999—Tariffs, small farms, cotton outlook, minority farmer credit, Gulf of Mexico runoff, spot markets

October 1999—Agricultural research, corn outlook, agricultural exports, European Union Agenda 2000, commodity price variability, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation region

September 1999—Farm aid legislation, Cargill-Continental merger, soybean prices, NAFTA update, Mexico's pork industry, U.S.-Mexico trade in sweeteners

August 1999—Wheat outlook, tariff bargaining, methyl bromide phaseout, controlling greenhouse gas buildup, crop and revenue insurance costs

June/July 1999—U.S.-Canada wheat trade, commodity supplies, Russia's economic crisis, China's state grain trading, Conservation Reserve Program acreage

May 1999—Planting intentions, ag concentration and competition, crop and revenue insurance, tax-deferred savings, catfish production and sales, farm lending

April 1999—Farm sector outlook for 1999, USDA's baseline projections to 2008, Broccoli sales, Japan's rice import system, farm business cycles

March 1999—Hog prices, Brazil's financial crisis, coffee exporters, biotechnology, risk management

January/February 1999—Farm income, tobacco settlement, transportation technology, conservation and land tenure, contract farming

December 1998—Corn output and exports, rail shipping, peanut consumption, Indonesian economy, Uruguay Round agreement, 1997 tax law

November 1998—Hogs, oranges, rice, cotton, environmental policy and the WTO, China's livestock sector

October 1998—U.S. ag exports, 1996 Farm Act, food prices, hired farm labor, Clean Water Action Plan, Cuba's agriculture, onions

September 1998Farm income, cotton markets, soybean prices, cropland conservation, regional trade agreements

August 1998—Wheat supplies, melons, soybean acreage, hard white wheat, biotech crops, Mexican produce, world rice trade, coffee

June/July 1998—Wetlands, farm credit, food safety technology, red meat and poultry trade, CEE/NIS livestock

May 1998—Panama Canal, aquaculture, minority and women farmers, small farms, interest rates and credit, agricultural productivity

April 1998—Baseline projections, agricultural trade prospects, precision agriculture, food prices

March 1998—Rail shipping problems, meat exports, citrus crops, hog production, milk marketing orders, Argentina's agriculture

January/February 1998—Asian financial crisis, agricultural exports, U.S. farm income, leafy green vegetables, dairy markets, "green" practices, crop residue management

December 1997—World beef trade, farmland values, pork industry, meat price spreads, the cattle cycle

November 1997—Fast-track authority, state trading enterprises and imports, cranberry industry, carrot consumption, NIS and Baltic countries as WTO candidates

October 1997—Corn market, U.S. ag exports, WTO compliance, food prices, Conservation Reserve Program, tax law

September 1997—Soybean market, NAFTA and agriculture, rice production and prices, Everglades restoration, Farm Act’s acreage impacts

August 1997—Wheat outlook, wine industry, farm act and management practices, food marketing costs

July 1997—China, Taiwan, and the WTO, income and global food spending, processed food trade, cotton outlook, floriculture and landscaping plants

June 1997—European Union enlargement, U.S.-Mexico avocado trade, U.S. grape industry, state trading enterprises

May 1997—Planting intentions for 1997, Water Quality Program, egg industry, integrated pest management, Mideast and North Africa markets

April 1997—Farm sector outlook for 1997, USDA baseline for 1997-2005, the asparagus market, food prices, world food security and market stability

March 1997—Sugar production and consumption, food aid, China ag reform, sustainable agriculture

January/February 1997—Export competition from Australia, Argentina, and Brazil; globalization of processed foods; Russian ag imports; climate change

December 1996—Biodiversity, WTO, pork exports, farm values

Special Supplement (April 1996) PDF file —Provisions of the 1996 Farm Act

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