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U.S.-EU Food and Agriculture Comparisons

By Mary Anne Normile and Susan E. Leetmaa, Coordinators

Agriculture and Trade Report No. (WRS04-04) 97 pp, February 2004

This report provides information and analysis on a wide range of topics relating to agriculture in the United States and European Union (EU), including comparisons of farm structure, production, agricultural productivity, risk management, environmental, commodity policy, trade, and food consumption, as well as implications of EU enlargement for bilateral relations. The purpose is to provide information to a broad audience seeking to understand key similarities and differences between two of the world's largest agricultural producers and traders and to gain perspective on the issues affecting US-EU relations.

Keywords: Agriculture, European Union, EU, United States, Eastern Europe, farm structure, agricultural trade, agricultural policy, Common Agricultural Policy, commodity policy, environmental policy, food consumption, agricultural productivity, ERS, USDA

In this report ...

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