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Profile of Hired Farmworkers, 1996 Annual Averages

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Jack L. Runyan

Agricultural Economics Report No. (AER762) 32 pp, April 1998

Examines demographic and employment characteristics of the 906,000 persons 15 years of age and older who did hired farmwork in 1996. Approximately 906,000 persons 15 years of age and older were employed as hired farmworkers each week in 1996. An additional 72,000 persons were hired as farmworkers each week as a secondary job. Hired farmworkers were more likely than all U.S. wage and salary workers to be male, Hispanic, younger, less educated, never married, and non-U.S. citizens.

Keywords: hired farmworkers, annual averages, demographic characteristics, hours worked, median weekly hours

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Updated date: April 1, 1998

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