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Livestock Sectors in the Economies of Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union: Transition from Plan to Market and the Road Ahead

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Britta Bjornlund, Nancy Cochrane, Mildred Haley, Roger Hoskin, Olga Liefert, and Philip Paarlberg

Agricultural Economics Report No. (AER798) 76 pp, January 2002

The report examines the restructuring of the livestock sectors in five countries: Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, and Romania. All five countries experienced a decline in both animal inventories and meat output during the early years of transition away from a centrally planned economy. The study identifies potential trade and investment opportunities, but emphasizes that this potential depends on the successful implementation of institutional and policy reforms.

Keywords: Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Eastern Europe, Former Soviet Union, livestock sector, policy reform, transition economies, trade, investment, land markets, credit, marketing costs, labor, employment

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Updated date: January 1, 2002

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