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The University of Michigan Men's Glee Club, organized in 1859, is the second-oldest collegiate chorus in the United States, and has long been acclaimed as one of the finest male choruses in the world. It is the oldest musical group on the campus, as well the oldest student organization at the University. Once only a group of six or eight men usually from only one academic class, it has blossomed into a group of 100 men typically representing the majority of the schools and colleges at the University of Michigan. The Men's Glee Club sets itself apart from other University choirs by way of its student leadership. From 1894 to 1908, the group was student-run and conducted. After 1908, a School of Music faculty member was added but served in an advisory capacity until the 1920's. Student leadership has continued to be a strong characteristic of the Glee Club. Its student officers are responsible for overseeing all of the operational aspects which include bookkeeping, planning tours, publicity, and fundraising.

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