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Learn how to use WAS tools to build web archives

The Web Archiving Service (WAS) public archives are open to the public to search and browse.

A WAS subscription allows you to build your own unique private or public archives on the topics of your choice. Contact us to get started.

These videos and guides demonstrate how you can use WAS tools to build your own unique web archives.

Using the Web Archiving Service: Curator Features

Web Archiving Service User Guide [PDF] A complete overview of how to use the Web Archiving Service to capture web sites.

New Videos

Analyze Capture Results

Length: 3.5 mins

Learn how to run captures and understand the results

Compare Capture Results

Length: 3 minutes

Learn how to compare capture results from two different crawl dates

Analyze Reports

Length: 3 mins

Learn how to get more information about how a site was captured and about quality assurance reports

Archive Your Domain

Length: 4 mins

Learn tips on how to find all the sites that are part of a large domain

Rights Management

Length: 7.5 mins

Learn about rights management issues relevant to web archiving and how the WAS interface addresses them

Export XML

Length: 3.5 mins

Learn how to export metadata about your sites and captures

Past Videos

Note: some screenshots in these videos are of the old interface, but the majority continues to provide a useful overview of functionality.

Create and Capture Sites

Length: 10 mins

Learn the basics of capturing a website with WAS tools

Site Management and Tagging

Length: 15 mins

Learn how to manage your site captures and to create and manage tags for topical browsing


Rights Management

Copyright issues in web archiving are still evolving, though some very helpful recommendations have been proposed by the Section 108 Study Group. Section 108 of the Copyright Act permits libraries and archives to make certain uses of copyrighted materials in order to serve the public and ensure the availability of works over time.

The Web Archiving Service honors an opt-out policy and uses the Section 108 Study Group recommendations to guide rights management practices.


WAS Rights Management Practices [PDF]
This guide provides an overview of the Section 108 Recommendations for web archiving. It provides an "at-a-glance" review of rights management issues and outlines rights management features in WAS.


Robots Permission Request Template [DOC]
Webmasters can place rules called "robots.txt" files that can prevent crawlers from capturing their sites effectively. You can use this template when contacting webmasters or site owners.

Other Tools for the Web Archivist

IIPC Web Curators Discussion List

The International Internet Preservation Consortium (IIPC) manages this private, open mailing list for web curators and other practitioners interested in sharing information and experiences about web harvesting issues.

WAS Administration Features


WAS Institution Administrator Guide [PDF]
Information for administrative users of WAS. Learn how to add new projects, invite new users and generate activity reports.


WAS Project Administrator Guide [PDF]
Information for WAS curators with project administrator permissions. Includes details on how to invite new users to your project and how to configure your project for public access.

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