The Web Archiving Service (WAS) provides a comprehensive solution for capturing, managing, and preserving
web content.


WAS is configured to be highly flexible. You choose the websites you want to capture, and the frequency and depth of each capture. Your account allows you to have an unlimited number of seed URLs, archives, and curators.

Robust, easy-to-use tools

Select and capture sites easily. Choose the default settings or take advantage of our highly customizable options to tailor your crawls. We provide batch upload of URLs when building your archive, at no additional charge. You can also use the WAS Browser Button to quickly add a URL for capture. Use our comparison tools to easily analyze site changes over time.

Fully hosted IT infrastructure

You choose the sites you want, we do the rest. WAS is a fully hosted solution with a robust IT infrastructure and technical support. Our data centers operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to capture websites.

Customized collections

You decide what's public and what's private. WAS helps you set up, manage, and preserve your archives, but your collections belong to you. You decide whether (and when) to make your archive publicly available. Brand your archives with your logo, and add descriptive and contact information.

Integration with your current systems

WAS supports seamless access for your end users. Researchers can search your web archives from your site, with a simple line of code that we provide to you. The new, customized XML metadata export makes it easier to upload records to your local system.

Long-term preservation

Your archives are secure and protected. WAS content is stored in our digital preservation repository to ensure long-term preservation.

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