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This archive allows you to browse and search a collection of web sites that were captured on particular dates, allowing you to see how these sites appeared in the past.

Help Topics:

Searching the archive

Search basics

You can search by keyword or URL against all of the material in the archive from the archive home page or from the search page.

If you use the search page, you can limit your search to a particular site and/or to a particular format. For example, you could do a search for only PDF files from a particular site that contains a particular word.

Search results will include the document title, the date captured, the URL, and an abstract for the document. Titles for HTML documents and PDF files are not always accurate; the abstract may provide more useful information. The file size and file type are also included for each search result.

More search details

A keyword search will find your terms anywhere in the full text or URL of a document. Full text terms are found in HTML, PDF, Word, Excel, Flash, and text files. A search with more than one word will return results containing all words anywhere in the text. Example: fishery plan will find documents referencing the fishery protection plan.

Use quotes to require the search terms immediately next to one another. Example: "financial information" will find only records with the exact phrase financial information.

Include url: in front of your search term to find that term only in the URL text. Do not include a space after the colon. Example: url:calwater drought finds the term drought on any page that includes calwater in the URL.

Do not use the boolean operators AND, OR, NOT in your search; the search tool will ignore these, and will always combine your terms with AND.

Browsing the site list

The site list includes every site that was captured in this archive. Each site may have been captured on many different dates. Click the information icon to see the dates of capture for each site, as well as any descriptive information provided by the archivist.

Clicking on the site name will take you to the most recently captured home page for that site. In some cases you may see a list of search results for that site.

Displaying an archived document

When you display an archived document, it will contain a banner at the top with information about the document and links back to the archive. This will include the archival URL to use if you want to cite the archived copy of the document.

If the document has only been captured once, the date captured will show in the top banner. If the document has been captured many times, there will be a drop-down menu in the top banner that lets you navigate between different archived versions of the document.

If you are looking at an archived web page, you will be able to navigate links on that page. If the linked document is in the archive, the archived copy will display. If links lead to pages that are not part of the original web site, they may not be in the archive. If you follow a link to a document that is not in the archive, you will get a not in archive message.

The top banner will also include a show details tab to let you see further information about the document. This tab includes all of the information recorded in the archive about the document. It also includes information about the site associated with the document. Note that the document may not always be a direct part of that web site, but may only have been linked to it.

Citing archived documents

If you want to make sure that you are linking to a copy of a document that will not disappear or change, and if that document is in the archive, you can use the archival URL to cite it.

All archival URLs will begin

The archival URL displays on the top banner of every displayed document.

Information for webmasters

If you are a webmaster or content owner and your site is included in this archive, please see our Information for Webmasters page.

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