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The domain is the 3rd largest domain in the U.S. government web. A great deal of that content is published by the State of California, and represents a rich source of material for researchers, students, the general public and state agencies themselves. This archive preserves access to hundreds of state agency sites that are captured on a regular basis.

State agencies utilize their websites to publish everything from press releases, agendas, minutes, events, reports and statistics. This material is especially volatile as leadership changes or as time sensitive issues are no longer on agendas or in the news.

This information while not distributed in print still holds immense social and research value, which we as memory institutions have an obligation to collect and preserve. By collecting and preserving this information, the study of issues in California, the world's fourth largest economy, will be greatly enhanced.

The archive is maintained by government information specialists across several UC campuses and the Stanford University Libraries with support from the California Digital Library.

Further Information

Archived copies of web sites are made available six months after the date of capture. This delay is in observance of the Section 108 Study Group Recommendations for Web Archiving.

This archive was created with the Web Archiving Service from the California Digital Library. This service employs open source web archiving utilities developed by Internet Archive with the support of the The International Internet Preservation Consortium. The Web Archiving Service was made possible with support from the National Digital Information and Infrastructure Preservation Program and the University of California.

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